We Give To Charity

When You Buy, We Donate...

Our Target
£ 0

As you can see above, we have set ourselves a rather ambitious, but achievable target for 2024 of £50,000.


We can’t do this alone and we need your help to make this happen!

This is Our Story

Our story is one of cooperation and collaboration.


By the end of 2024 it would be amazing if we could raise £50,000 for charity.


James, the founder of this site, has previously worked with and raised money for charities relating to physically handicapped children and has donated directly to the homeless and is keen to help charities relating to sight impairment and guide dogs.


It’s likely these will be the beneficiaries of any monies raised.

Our Vision

  1. We provide and accept content created and delivered by subject matter experts, designed to change and/or transform people’s lives.  
  2. Sales from any product created by the platform owner, a percentage will be donated to charity

Our Mission

We have one overall mission at Patrons Portal, which is that of collaboration.

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